Information about myself

I have always been interested in photography since the age of 14 taking pictures,developing and printing black and white,and colour.Developing my skills on different cameras and subjects from contact prints to digital.

On aproaching retirement, and as my wife and I have always enjoyed walking in our beautiful countryside this has given me plenty of opportunities to capture the odd picture or two.
The dilemma of what to do with the pictures on my computer.I fancied making my own greetings cards,and after a lot of encouragement from friends and family plus my wife saying "do it now,or you will only be saying that you wished you had done it for the rest of your life". with a lot of misgivings I went ahead.

The print run from professional printers was quite high,so after a lot of thought I put my hobby on a commercial basis and I started selling my cards and prints to the trade,small shops and galleries.

Finding the time to go out selling,and holding down a full time job,was becoming increasingly difficult as I expanded my area.After much deliberation I started this website to cut down on the time needed to run the business and leave more time to take pictures.

I hope your enjoyment looking at my photographs and greeting cards will be as much as I have had in producing them.

Dennis Bailey